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SLA Management

4 Reasons to Consider an Enhanced Support SLA for Your Data Center

Having SLA support from the OEM of your data center equipment is a great way to ensure you’ll receive timely service and repairs. However, while the idea of a basic SLA is superb, it doesn’t always work out that way in reality. Many times, providers …

Ways Data Center Maintenance Lowers Costs

3 Ways Working with a Data Center Maintenance Partner Can Lower Costs

Data center maintenance is not a simple task, nor is it an inexpensive one. The actual total cost of data center hardware maintenance for enterprise businesses over its entire lifecycle can be much higher than many anticipate. There are many factors that can contribute to …

hyperscale data center

How to Extend the Post-Warranty Life of Your Data Center Equipment

In our information-driven world, effective management of data center equipment and support is crucial to the current and long-term success of any modern business. Data center functioning, optimization, server life, and equipment longevity is foundational to this goal. Your company’s data center needs to stay …

Operating System Upgrade

CASE STUDY: Financial Industry Giant Banks on Maintech to Provide Timely Operating System Upgrade

Data Center Hardware Maintenance Updating thousands of desktop computers to a new operating system is a difficult but unavoidable task for many large institutions. It was only a matter of time until our client, a world renowned bank with over 1,500 branches in the US …


CASE STUDY: Maintech and KST Data Partner to Deliver Top-Flight Services to Global Leader in Advanced Technologies

One of Maintech’s most loyal clients is a leading manufacturer of advanced technology systems, which solves crucial security issues worldwide. When such a company needs technical support, it’s imperative that the chosen service providers are reliable and trustworthy. Although choosing to rely on third-party providers …

New website launch!

Maintech Unveils New Website with Interactive Web-Responsive Design, Fresh Content, and Animation

This week, Maintech unveiled its all-new website. The newly-refurbished sports a contemporary, web-responsive design with updated navigation, bold new graphics, rich educational content, animation, and a company video. Today’s digital world requires a generation of digital sellers and electronic assets that position companies as …

Considerations for Choosing a Data Center Services Partner

The Top Seven Considerations for Choosing a Data Center Services Partner

An increasing number of companies are relying on Independent Service Organizations (ISOs) or data center services partner to provide all or part of their data center services hardware maintenance, “Rack & Stack,” product/network monitoring and associated IT Infrastructure Services. The decision to contract for these …

hyperscale data center

Six Ways an Independent IT Service Provider Can Increase IT Efficiency

Companies both large and small are realizing the time and cost-saving benefits of contracting with ISOs (independent service providers) to perform services that fall outside their core expertise. Small to mid-size companies, in particular, are looking to manage all or part of their IT hardware …

Trends that Are Reshaping the IT Managed Services Landscape

Six Trends that Are Reshaping the IT Managed Services Landscape

Companies are Experiencing Greater Pressures on their Corporate IT Infrastructure As the demand for information grows, and with it the number of ways it can be accessed, harnessed and leveraged, more and more companies are experiencing greater pressures on their corporate IT infrastructure. Cloud, mobile, …

managing IT project

Six Best Practices for Managing IT Projects

Common Pitfalls of Managing IT Projects and How to Overcome Them Whether relocating a data center that serves thousands of users around the globe or upgrading a regional hospital center’s network to the latest operating system, IT projects require near failure-proof project management practices. Even …


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