IT Checklist For Successful Mergers and Acquisitions

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Mergers and acquisitions (M&As) are transformative events for companies, bringing about significant changes and challenges. One of the most overlooked aspects during this process is the role of the IT department.

The Importance of IT in M&As

When two companies decide to merge, or one company acquires another, the focus is often on financials, assets, and human resources. However, the IT department is pivotal in ensuring a smooth transition. A study by McKinsey highlighted that up to 60% of M&A initiatives aiming to capture synergies between companies are closely tied to IT. Yet, many IT-related concerns must be addressed adequately during the planning stages.

Key Considerations for IT During M&As


Before any merger or acquisition, the IT team must review all external and internal contracts. This includes agreements with vendors, service providers, and even internal commitments to employees. Understanding these contracts helps in transition planning and ensures transparent communication.

Software Licensing:

M&As can complicate software licensing. It's crucial to understand the ownership and entitlements of all licenses to avoid non-compliance, which can lead to hefty penalties.

Network Integration:

Post M&A, decisions need to be made about the network infrastructure. Will the companies operate on separate networks, merge their existing networks, or build new ones? Each choice has its implications and challenges.

Carrier Contracts:

Current carrier contracts and their transferability are vital. New contracts must be set up if they can't be transferred, which could delay the integration process.

Messaging Systems:

In today's digital age, effective communication tools are essential. The IT team needs to decide on the messaging systems post M&A - whether to continue with existing ones, migrate to a new platform, or adopt a third-party service.

Other IT Tools:

Beyond messaging, tools like email archiving, VOIP, and A/V systems need attention. Ensuring their interoperability is crucial for a seamless workflow.

Domain Management:

The domain represents a company's identity online. Post M&A, decisions about domain management, whether to merge or maintain separate domains, are crucial for consistent branding and communication.

Regulatory Compliance:

Collaborating with legal and compliance teams, the IT department must ensure that all regulatory requirements are met during the transition.

Infrastructure Management:

A thorough assessment of both parties' infrastructure management practices is essential. Decisions about integration or outsourcing can significantly impact the transition's success.


Clear communication is the key to a successful M&A. By addressing the concerns of the IT department and ensuring proper planning; companies can avoid potential disruptions and ensure a smoother transition. A well-managed IT checklist can be valuable during these transformative times, benefiting employees, customers, vendors, and all associated parties.


Takeaways from the Article:

Strategize for Success with IT Checklist:

An IT checklist is essential for streamlined operations, ensuring all critical components are addressed for success.

Assess and Update Hardware and Software:

Regularly assess hardware and software components to identify outdated systems and vulnerabilities. Update as needed for optimal performance and security.

Data Backup and Recovery Readiness:

Establish robust data backup and recovery processes to safeguard against data loss. Regularly test and verify the effectiveness of these processes.

Security Measures and Protocols:

Implement stringent security measures, including firewalls, encryption, and access controls. Regularly review and enhance security protocols to counter evolving threats.

User Training and Support:

Provide comprehensive training to users on security practices and software usage. Offer efficient user support to address issues promptly.

Main Point Reminder:

An IT checklist is a fundamental tool to ensure the success of an organization's IT operations, covering aspects such as hardware and software updates, data backup, security measures, and user support.


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