Data Center Hardware Maintenance

Data Center Hardware Maintenance

Incorporating Data Center Hardware Maintenance into your business is about filling the gap for your unique business needs. Having a third party maintenance provider saves money in the long-term and enables your business to scale other areas for by focusing time on where it’s needed. Sure, you can create your own in-house team , but in the end, if you find the costs outweigh the benefits, you may see the need for a professional team.

What makes our data center services stand out from other centers is our market-tested suite of services. These services deliver multi-platform hardware maintenance for server farms; unified, global, web-enabled call management and escalation services; vendor-neutral product performance reporting; and, a global Forward Stocking Location (FSL) network that is second to none.

While running a data center can be difficult, it doesn’t have to be an insurmountable task. By taking advantage of data center partner services from an independent service provider like Maintech, you can make the process much more manageable. Maintech’s extended warranties can help you lower ongoing maintenance costs even after the OEM warranty ends.

data center hardware maintenance

The Maintech Difference

As a Third Party Maintenance (TPM) provider, partnerships and certifications are needed to support the ability to meet your precise business specifications, budgetary needs and service delivery requirements. Whether your server farm or storage architecture needs HP supportDell supportIBM supportCisco supportLenovo support, Oracle support, Fujitsu support, or any combination of the most popular manufacturers’ systems, you’ll benefit from Maintech’s years of experience, technological expertise and commitment to meeting your needs

Maintech’s legacy of success over the past four decades has been driven by a singular mission: to provide world-class managed IT and infrastructure support services as a strategic services partner to clients across a broad range of industries. Maintech’s continuous investment in building its core competencies ensures that they provide the highest level of service and satisfaction to clients the world over. Maintech’s solid experience, depth of resources and ability to deliver flexible solutions has resulted in a high level of account retention.

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