IBM Server Support

Maintech provides an unmatched level of IBM server support for your business, as well as:

Our highly-skilled technicians and world-class monitoring platform and toolsets enable efficient servicing of your systems to ensure the ongoing continuity of your operations.

ibm server support

As the complexity of managing your data center operations grows, so do your costs.  Building on over four decades of real-world experience, we continually enhance our Data Center Services based on the feedback we receive from our most demanding clients the world over. New and decommissioned equipment will be updated regularly. We look forward to servicing your needs, anytime, anywhere.

IBM Server Support

  • System i IBM AS/400 through iSeries 7.
  • System x x3100, x3100 M3, x3100 M4, x3100 M5, x3105, x3200, x3200 M2, x3200 M3, x3250, x3250 M2, x3250 M3, x3250 M4, x3250 M5, x3250 M6, x3300 M3, x3300 M4, x3350, x3400, x3400 M2, x3400 M3, x3450, x3455, x3500, x3500 M2, x3500 M3, x3500 M4, x3530 M3, x3530 M4, x3550, x3550 M2, x3550 M3, x3550 M4, x3620 M3, x3630 M3, x3630 M4, x3650, x3650T, x3655, x3650 M2, x3650 M3, x3650 M4, x3650 M4 HD, x3650 M4 BD, x3690 X5, x3750 M4, x3755, x3755 M3, x3800, x3850, x3850 M2, x3850 X5, x3850 X6, x3950, x3950 M2, x3950 X5, x3950 X6.
  • System z IBM s/390 through zEC12.
  • RS/6000 Enterprise Server Model F80, H50, H70, H80, M80, S70, S7A, S80. 7012 300 and G Series, 7013 J Series, 7014 Series Model S00 Rack, 7015 Models R30, R40, R50 CPU Enclosure, 7024 E Series, 7025 F30, F40, F50 Series, 7026 H Series CPU Drawer, 7043 Model 260, 7043 43P Series, 7044 44P Series Model 170, Model 270, 7046 Model B50.
  • pSeries Power 4 pSeries 610 Model 6C1, 6E1, pSeries 615 Model 6C3, 6E3, pSeries 620 Model 6F0, 6F1, pSeries 630 Model 6C4, 6E4, pSeries 640 Model B80, pSeries Model 655 and 650, pSeries 660 Model 6H0, 6H1, 6M1, pSeries 670, pSeries 680 Model S85, pSeries 690. Model 7048 Hardware Management Console for pSeries.
  • Power 5 systems 9113-550 (p5 550), 9111-520 (p5 520), 9110-510 (p5 510), 9110-51A (p5 510), 9113-550 (p5 550), 9111-520 (p5 520), 9110-510 (p5 510), 9110-51A (p5 510), 9113-550 (p5 550), 9111-520 (p5 520), 9110-510 (p5 510), 9110-51A (p5 510).
  • Power 6 systems 8203-E4A (IBM Power 520 Express), 8204-E8A (IBM Power 550 Express), 9117-MMA (IBM Power 570), 9119-FHA (IBM Power 595).
  • Power 7 systems 8202-E4B, 8202-E4C, 8202-E4D, 8205-E6B, 8205-E6C, 8205-E6D, 8231-E1C, 8231-E1D, 8231-E2B, 8231-E2C, 8231-E2D, 8233-E8B, 8236-E8C, 8268-E1D, 8408-E8D. 9117-MMB, 9117-MMC, 9117-MMD.

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