Maintech is pleased to announce its 50th anniversary to the industry.
- Frank D'Alessio, President

Serving the Global Fortune 500 Enterprise Marketplace since 1973

Cranford, NJ - Maintech, Incorporated, a leading provider of IT Infrastructure Services for global corporate enterprises, is very proud to announce its 50-year anniversary in 2023.  Since its founding in 1973, Maintech has been uniquely identified in the IT services market by its exclusive focus on support for IT Infrastructures and Data Centers in the Fortune 500 strata.  That successful journey began in publicly regulated Telephony Systems and Defense Contractor markets, and then evolved to include similarly challenging IT environments, with a particular focus on Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI).  Many Fortune 500 clients continue to benefit fromMaintech’s particular focus on, and investment in, meeting the Service Level Agreement (SLA) requirements of this high-end niche market.  Plans for 2024 include a rollout of AI-driven, multi-lingual Service Desk support as Maintech continues to refine its service offerings and enhance its value proposition in the dynamic global marketplace.

” For 50 years Maintech’s market focus has been on Fortune 500 enterprises where world-class service quality, responsiveness, adaptability, references quality and an OEM-neutral profile have been primary attributes in vendor selection.  Our mission has always been to meet the most stringent SLA requirements of our clients on a global basis.  To that end, Maintech has built and deployed a service delivery network of directly controlled labor, parts and proprietary systems uniquely tuned to that challenge” said Frank D’Alessio, President of Maintech. D’Alessio further stated that “the best way to guarantee SLA achievement is to directly employ and control all aspects of service delivery, irrespective of geography.”