Maintech’s Data Center Services (DCS) offer IT professionals a comprehensive, global maintenance service program for one data center or dozens of data centers around the globe. Data Center Services are a market-tested suite of services that deliver multi-platform hardware maintenance for server farms; unified, global, web-enabled call management and escalation services; vendor-neutral product performance reporting; and, a global Forward Stocking Location (FSL) network that is second to none. DCS deliverables were developed from over 40 years of real-world data center experience coupled with the cooperation and feedback of data center managers from the most demanding environments around the globe.

Single Source. Global Reach. Talent On-Site. Unified Performance Standards. Reliable Data Center Services.

Maintech recognizes your data center is the heart of your enterprise. As such, it must continually keep pace with your business and ever-evolving technologies. As the complexity of managing your company’s supporting systems increases, so do your service costs. Having Maintech as your strategic partner for your data center services will help you achieve your data center management goals while controlling your costs and increasing your team’s productivity.

Building on over four decades of real-world experience, we continually enhance our Data Center Services based on the feedback we receive from our most demanding clients over the world.

Highlights of Our Data Center Services:

  • Single source for ISS (industry standard services) solutions
  • A unified set of performance standards
  • Full data center operations and management
  • OEM platform performance monitoring
  • On-site hardware maintenance
  • On-site and remote “Smart Hands”
  • Vendor-neutral support
  • IMAC (Installs/Moves/Adds/Changes)
  • Global problem management system and logistics network
  • International presence with local engineers

Our market-tested suite of IT support services delivers multi-platform hardware maintenance for server farms; unified, global, web-enabled call management and escalation services; vendor-neutral product performance reporting; and, a global Forward Stocking Location (FSL) network that is second to none.

Whether your server farm or storage architecture includes HP, Dell, IBM, Cisco, LenovoFujitsu, EMC, Oracle or any combination of the most popular manufacturers’ systems, you’ll benefit from our years of experience, technological expertise and commitment to meeting your needs.

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Maintech’s success in DCS can best be assessed by considering problems we regularly address:
Complex Operating Environment


“My operating environment is complex; my facility access is limited and my IT Operations team needs consistency in its supplier. How can Maintech help?”


1. Complex: We know a key to success in your Data Center is having Tier 2 and Tier 3 Subject Matter Experts at your site to interact daily with your IT Operations team. This is especially true in international markets, so we do it. DCS from Maintech is the same program whether your data center is in New York City, Singapore, London or Tokyo. We believe in and empower our technical staff. We always have and we always will. It’s part of our fabric.

2. Access: Depending upon your specific needs, Maintech can provide technical staff with vetted access to your facilities and environment via eMaintech badge tracking, security background checks, etc.

3. Consistency: More than 90% of Maintech’s technical staff is comprised of full-time Maintech employees.Turnover is not an issue.

Data Center Event Coordination


“I need to power down my data centers on a regular basis and it’s difficult to coordinate events. How can Maintech help?”


Maintech has a web-enabled power down coordination application to keep your IT Operations team and our DCS team on the same page, before, during and after all power down events.

Global Platfom Performance


“I need to know how my various platforms are performing in my data centers around the globe. How can Maintech help?”


Using the power of eMaintech, we provide agnostic reporting on failure rates by manufacturer, by manufacturer, by model, by location, and by time of day for your platforms.  We can capture critical information beyond routine problem analysis.

For instance, when possible, we capture the specific firmware in use during service events, which combined with client firmware deployment information, allows us to paint a picture of firmware revision effectiveness.  The net result is that you benefit from improved restore-to-service time based on the improved predictive metrics we’re able to generate, which enables us to develop a more informed plan-to-purchase profile for you.

Optimized Service Delivery Model

Our approach to service delivery assures you’ll get the services you expect with the attention you deserve.  Maintech experts will collaborate with your team to develop a cohesive plan that satisfies your requirements.  This means you won’t have to pay for services you don’t need simply because they’re “bundled” together. Choose from our portfolio of custom solutions:

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