Hyperscale Services

The Maintech Hyperscale Service framework provides reduced cost, simplification of support and increased operational efficiency. Our service is designed to eliminate budget surprises and product support limitations.

The Maintech solution unifies support of mixed computing environments throughout the entire system lifecycle. Maintech Hyperscale Services provide installation, on-site and remote technical support, parts logistics, and de-installation services for both ODM and OEM platforms within a single operational model and defined cost structure. Maintech Hyperscale Service elements can be provided individually or bundled.

Hyperscale Services Highlights:

  • Service Elements:
    – On-Site/Dispatch Technical Support
    – Logistics and Parts Services
    – Installation Services
    – De-Installation Services
    – Remote Technical Support
  • Lowered Expenses & Fees through Idle Cycle Reduction, Task Automation & Resource Monitoring
  • Efficient, Consistent Process Workflow with Predictable Outcomes
  • Reporting and Metrics
  • Customizable Process Management Matched to your Environment

The Maintech approach allows companies to take advantage of ODM system pricing while maintaining OEM levels of IT support service. Decision makers can choose the best and most cost-effective compute solution regardless of system manufacturer (ODM or OEM). Maintech assumes responsibility for product support and associated supply chain management of replacement parts.

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Optimized Service Delivery Model

Our approach to service delivery assures you’ll get the services you expect with the attention you deserve.  Maintech experts will collaborate with your team to develop a cohesive plan that satisfies your requirements.  This means you won’t have to pay for services you don’t need simply because they’re “bundled” together.

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