ITaaS Managed Services

A single, robust solution for small to mid-sized companies

Maintech’s IT as a Service (ITaaS) transforms your legacy Windows® IT support into a service-driven model that provides transparency in service delivery and performance -- all built on top of an enterprise-class toolset and service model.

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The Maintech Managed Service offering provides IT as a Service (ITaaS), a proactive and integrated approach to the monitoring, management, and support of IT environments.

Key Benefits of ITaaS:

  • Enterprise-quality managed services at a reasonable price for mid-sized businesses.
  • Comprehensive oversight of your entire IT environment in a single robust solution, including management of your clients, service desk, servers and network.
  • Full transparency — from service performance to your financial investment. Our service flexibility means that we have technical staff available to be deployed anywhere in the world, in addition to 24/7 on-shore support available around the clock.

For many small to mid-sized businesses, providing a comprehensive IT department can be a challenge. With Maintech’s Managed Services offerings, your business will have enterprise-level service, technicians and toolsets at your disposal—providing you the help you need, when you need it.

Maintech delivers these services out of our three network operations centers located in New Jersey, Minnesota and California. All facilities are redundant to each other and staffed 24×7 to ensure you are covered, even in a disaster. We combine highly-skilled operational teams with an advanced IT management technology stack—based on industry standard tools, such as Microsoft System Center Suite—so that we can offer a level of support that is difficult to achieve even with an in-house IT solution.

We provide standardized service packages for each area of IT support. These packages are well-rounded offerings that are designed to meet the support demands of most organizations. However, each support package can be purchased separately and customized to meet your company’s specific requirements. You’ll work with our IT experts to find a solution that’s tailored to your specific needs.

Click through our service offerings to learn more about how Maintech’s ITaaS Managed Services can help you simplify your IT operations.

Trusted IT Infrastructure services provided on-demand, customized for your business.

Providing end-user support on-demand without hiring additional staff, we ensure prompt and efficient resolutions to IT problems with 80% of support questions handled by the first contact.

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We monitor your operating systems, business applications, databases and devices 24/7 and make sure any availability or performance issues are revealed and resolved immediately.

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We leverage enterprise class toolsets and the ability to customize the management program to your environment to offer superior workstation management.

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Our solution features comprehensive management of your physical and virtual servers from one central console. This allows us to optimize the infrastructure for efficiency and ensure minimal service interruptions.

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Maintech’s robust network management offerings ensure any issues are identified and resolved as quickly as possible, enhancing network performance and minimizing downtime.

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Virtual infrastructure that’s fully managed including data center hosting, colocation services, private cloud hosting, backup and disaster recovery solutions, cloud wireless solutions, and more.

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