The Executive Team

Frank W. D'Alessio

As President and co-founder of Maintech, Frank leads the company’s vision and has been the chief architect behind its success since its inception. Frank’s hands-on knowledge and highly focused business development expertise has guided Maintech through consistent growth and profitability. He has always endorsed a simple philosophy for service: “To be successful requires a clear, unwavering market focus, a strong brand identity, and a commitment to concentrating resources, both intellectual and capital.” With his leadership and guidance, Maintech has become recognized as a world-class Independent Services Organization (ISO) and business partner to the most demanding clients around the globe.Frank was named President in 1990. An active member of numerous IT Industry trade associations, he is also a recognized speaker at industry conferences and trade shows.

John Esposito

VP of Strategic Sales
John joined Maintech in 1993 as a Marketing Administrator, and was promoted to Marketing Manager the following year. In that role, he spearheaded many of Maintech’s most successful advertising and promotional campaigns, as well as the company’s presence at industry trade shows.  In 1996, John transitioned to the Maintech Sales Organization as an Account Executive for our Northern New Jersey territory. He received Maintech’s Sales Achievement Award for six consecutive years, from 1998 through 2003. Promoted to Director of Sales in 2003, John guided the sales team to unprecedented success with a newly-expanded portfolio, including Managed Services, NOC Monitoring and Knowledge Management.Under his leadership, Maintech has forged successful partnerships with OEMs, distributors and other Independent Service Organizations, expanding Maintech’s brand to new markets and regions. In 2010, John joined the senior management team with his promotion to Vice President of Sales. Today, he serves as a VP of Strategic Sales, reinforcing Maintech’s identity as a premier global Independent IT Service Organization.

Bill D'Alessio

Senior VP if Service Operations
Bill joined Maintech as a hardware technician after serving in the US Navy from 1989-1993. Bill was promoted to Director of Operations in 2006, with responsibility for spearheading new large-scale, financial- industry lines of business. In 2008, he expanded Maintech’s operations into overseas markets and two years later, was promoted to Senior Vice President of Enterprise Operations.  Bill is focused on expanding Maintech’s international reach and is currently implementing direct labor resources in London, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore, and India. He currently serves as Senior VP of Service Operations.

Maintech's History

With over 50 years of experience, Maintech's journey has ultimately led to their immensible skillset and professionalism

Maintech, Inc. was launched to support adaptive engineering (RCA mainframe to DEC mini-computer migration) and hardware maintenance services for the Bell Operating Companies.
Maintech was acquired by the Itel Corporation
Maintech was acquired by Volt Information Sciences, Inc.
AT&T’s Operating Companies were divested. This decision changed the market landscape for Maintech.
With a foundation of success in the high-demand telephony market, and being NYC-based, Maintech focused on the Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI) market.
Maintech enjoyed strong growth in the domestic BFSI market.  Year over year expansion was on a dynamic upswing.



To relight or rekindle (a light, flame, etc.)

Maintech opened its Network Operations Center (NOC) in Orange, California followed a few years later by Maintech’s NOC in Wallington, New Jersey.
Maintech launched e-Maintech, its proprietary IT Services System for Call Management, Escalation, Purchasing, Logistics, Contracts, Pricing and more.
Maintech was awarded the global Data Center contract for a Top 5 investment bank.  Maintech’s EMEA Data Center Services were now headquartered in London.
Maintech was awarded aGlobal IT Outsourcing contract by a major chip manufacturer, furthering Maintech’s status in the global Data Center Operations/Services marketplace.
Maintech added new BFSI global contacts based in Hong Kong and Tokyo.
Maintech launched its Singapore Operations headquarters to support all Asia/Pacific operations including Mumbai, New Delhi, and Bangalore.
Maintech launched operations in Sydney, Australia.
Maintech introduced Managed Services for the SMB marketplace. Services included Level II & III support desks, network/server admin, patch management, NOC monitoring,     Microsoft Cloud Management, Office 365 management, Security services, etc.    
Maintech is acquired by Oak Lane Partners LLC.
Maintech now provides global Data Center Services to major BFSI corporations in 51 countries and continues to grow and innovate.
Maintech is a powerful IT Solution that has decades of experience that you can rely on in.

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