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3rd Party Maintenance

Maximizing Uptime and Extending Hardware Life with Maintech's 3rd Party Maintenance

At Maintech, we take pride in our highly experienced IT project team. With a wealth of expertise, we tackle a wide range of IT projects, ensuring seamless execution and successful outcomes.

Decades of In-House Experience and Expertise

When it comes to IT maintenance, experience matters. With over three decades of in-house experience, Maintech's engineering staff is well-versed in the technologies our clients find most common. We stay up-to-date with the latest trends, ensuring that our support is always aligned with the evolving landscape of IT infrastructure. Our dedication to continuous learning enables us to provide expert assistance across various hardware OEMs, making us the go-to choice for reliable third-party maintenance.

Global On-Site Field Services

At Maintech, we go the extra mile to ensure your hardware receives the attention it deserves. Our extensive network of 1200+ W2 Field Engineers, both in the US and internationally, ensures that no matter where you are, our support is never too far away. Whether it's a critical on-site repair or routine maintenance, our dedicated team is equipped to handle any challenge with ease.

Efficient Supply Chain and ITAD Program

To fulfill service requirements globally, we have combined distribution centers spanning an impressive 240,000 sq. ft. Our robust supply chain ensures that replacement parts and hardware upgrades are readily available whenever you need them. Moreover, our ITAD (IT Asset Disposition) program maximizes value recovery, ensuring that you meet regulatory and corporate risk management requirements while also being environmentally responsible.

A Dedicated Hub for Streamlined Support

We understand the importance of managing support requests efficiently. That's why we provide a dedicated hub that allows you to keep track of activities that matter the most to your organization. With easy access to previous interactions and tickets, you can save time and focus on what really matters—your business.

Unrivaled Support for a Wide Range of OEMs

When it comes to hardware support, Maintech has you covered across various OEMs. Our engineering staff provides world-class service, supporting 115+ countries. Whether you have IBM, HP, HPE, 3Par, Hitachi, SUN/Oracle, Dell, EMC, Nimble, or other product lines, our L2 & L3 staff are equipped to handle it all. With direct end-user to engineering contact and industry-standard remote access, we ensure faster resolutions and unparalleled support.

A Comprehensive Range of Services

Maintech takes pride in offering a comprehensive suite of services to support your IT infrastructure. From genuine OEM replacement parts and hardware upgrades to short-term rentals and customized hardware solutions, we have you covered. Our worldwide shipping capabilities further enhance our commitment to delivering exceptional support, no matter where you are located.
With our experienced engineering staff, global on-site field services, streamlined support hub, and unparalleled expertise across various OEMs, we are confident that partnering with Maintech will lead to enhanced efficiency, reduced downtime, and substantial cost savings—up to 80% on IT maintenance.
Does using a 3rd party maintenance vendor void my warranty?

3rd Party Maintenance should not void your warranty, most products covered by 3rd party maintenance by Maintech are already out of warranty and require legacy support and OEM parts. The Maintech team has OEM relationships that allow for fast delivery of replacement parts.

Can you provide 3rd party maintenace internationally?

Maintech has forward stocking locations around the world enabling Maintech to provide quick response for 3rd party maintenance internationally.

What types of devices can you provide 3rd party maintenance for?

Networking equipment, Data Center equipment, Servers, and Storage Devices.

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