Third Party Data Center

What Does a Third Party Data Center Do?

Outsourcing to a third party data center enables you to put resources towards growing your business. This leaves the advanced technological problems to the professionals. Your business benefits in many ways:

  • First, before a business implements a third party data center oftentimes they find that keeping storage in-house is too costly. Instead of having to spend the time and effort expanding teams it’s much easier to place highly trained professionals who have experience in the industry.
  • Second, single-source providers handle a complete range of operational and management services. Because of this, they can support one or more of their clients’ data centers, irrespective of geographic location. By doing this their business doesn’t have to undergo the inconvenient process of creating and bundling each level of service.

When you partner with Maintech, a multi-national IT support services provider, you enable the consolidation of services across all data center facilities. Incorporating Maintech’s data center is as simple as transferring responsibilities. You see an increase in detailed communication that takes place and with that, more planning is done upfront. As soon as deployment goes into effect, expectations are exceeded while still keeping the timeline of your business running smoothly and intact.

Download the infographic: Data Center Equipment: Basic Warranties Vs. Enhanced SLAs to learn more.

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The Maintech Difference

As an independent service provider, partnerships and certifications are needed to support the ability to meet your precise business specifications, budgetary needs and service delivery requirements. Whether your server farm or storage architecture includes HP, Dell, IBM, Cisco, Lenovo, Oracle, Fujitsu, or any combination of the most popular manufacturers’ systems, you’ll benefit from Maintech’s years of experience, technological expertise and commitment to meeting your needs.

Maintech’s legacy of success over the past four decades has been driven by a singular mission: to provide world-class infrastructure support services as a strategic services partner to clients across a broad range of industries. Maintech’s continuous investment in building our core competencies ensures that we provide the highest level of service and satisfaction to our clients the world over. Our solid experience, depth of resources and ability to deliver flexible solutions has resulted in a high level of account retention.

Download the Data Center Equipment Infographic

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