Why Consider an Enhanced Support SLA for Your Data Center

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Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are essential for data center management, ensuring timely service and repairs. However, basic SLAs often fall short of expectations, leading to more downtime and less personalized protection. Enhanced support SLAs from an independent service organization (ISO) can provide a more tailored, efficient, and cost-effective solution.

Benefits of Data Centers Enhanced Support SLAs

1. Supplements Your Existing Warranty Package

Most data center equipment has a basic OEM warranty, covering only product defects and offering limited flexibility. This can be problematic if your data center has equipment from multiple manufacturers, as you may need to arrange service from various technicians, extending downtime.

Enhanced SLA management support from an ISO can supplement these basic warranties, guaranteeing service within a specific timeframe. This ensures a faster return to service and less lost revenue. Here's how:

Faster Response Time:

  • Enhanced SLAs often promise quicker response times, minimizing downtime.

All-encompassing Support:

  • Unlike basic SLAs that cover only specific manufacturers, enhanced SLAs can encompass all your equipment.

2. Offers Better Flexibility

Basic OEM support agreements often provide standardized service, limiting customization. Enhanced support SLAs from a separate data center partner can be tailored to your unique needs, offering:

Customized Resources:

  • You can adjust the SLA with your third-party maintenance (TPM) provider to receive your required services.

Multi-Vendor Support:

  • Enhanced SLAs can maintain multi-vendor setups for a more integrated experience.

3. Adds Significant Cost Savings

While basic OEM warranty packages might seem cost-effective initially, upgrading to an enhanced package later can be expensive. Enhanced SLAs can offer:

Quicker Parts Delivery:

  • Unlike basic warranties that might offer next-day parts, enhanced warranties can deliver in significantly less time.

Critical Uptime Support:

  • In scenarios where uptime is vital, a few hours can make all the difference. Enhanced SLAs ensure you don't lose money waiting for support.

4. Extends the Life of Your Equipment

Maximizing the life of your data center equipment is essential for cost efficiency. While most basic OEM warranties cover three years, enhanced SLAs can extend this period, allowing you to keep your equipment longer.

Supplementing Original Warranty:

  • Enhanced SLAs can extend the original warranty period, providing continued support.

Longer Equipment Life:

  • By relying on enhanced SLAs, you can keep your equipment functional for extended periods.


An enhanced support SLA is vital for businesses heavily reliant on data centers. Without it, IT personnel may become overwhelmed, systems may experience excessive downtime, and customer service and profits may suffer.

Companies like Maintech can help you explore enhanced support SLAs, consider your options, and find the right solution for your needs. Investing in an enhanced SLA ensures that your data center operates efficiently, saving time, money, and resources.

Additional Resources

By understanding and implementing an enhanced support SLA, businesses can optimize their data center operations, ensuring a more resilient and responsive infrastructure. It's a strategic decision that can lead to long-term success and sustainability in today's competitive landscape.

Takeaways from the Article:

Enhanced Support SLA for Data Centers:

The article discusses the significance of an Enhanced Support Service Level Agreement (SLA) for data centers to ensure optimal performance and minimal downtime.

Tailored SLAs for Unique Needs:

Businesses can customize SLAs to align with their specific requirements, addressing critical aspects such as response time, issue resolution, and proactive monitoring.

Downtime Costs and Prevention:

Downtime can incur substantial financial losses. An Enhanced Support SLA aims to prevent downtime through faster response and resolution times.

Benefits of Proactive Monitoring:

Proactive monitoring included in Enhanced SLAs detects potential issues before they escalate, enhancing the overall reliability and performance of data centers.

Expertise and Peace of Mind:

With an Enhanced Support SLA, businesses gain access to skilled technicians who provide quick and effective solutions, offering peace of mind and uninterrupted operations.

Main Point Reminder:

The article emphasizes the importance of adopting an Enhanced Support SLA for data centers to ensure customized support, prevent downtime, and benefit from proactive monitoring and expert assistance.


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