Third-Party Maintenance Providers: Understanding Their Role and Importance

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In the ever-changing landscape of technology, businesses are constantly striving to increase efficiency and reduce costs. A survey conducted by Gartner 2016 revealed that 95% of companies prioritized enhancing efficiency in their IT budget, with 43% considering it a major priority. Additionally, 91% aimed to reduce IT costs. This leads to a critical question: Should a business manage its IT needs internally or rely on Third Party Maintenance Providers (TPM)?

What is a Third-Party Maintenance Provider?

A TPM is an organization that offers IT services and support beyond a company's typical capabilities. They cater to small and medium-sized companies needing help with large-scale IT operations. In the corporate IT market, TPMs can bring many skills and infrastructure expertise to benefit the client organization.

Services Offered by TPMs

Data Center Management: 

TPMs can manage and maintain data centers, ensuring optimal performance and security.

IT as a Service (ITaaS): 

They can provide IT services on a subscription basis, allowing flexibility and scalability.

Desktop Computing Support: 

TPMs offer support for individual organizational computers, handling issues and updates.

Hyperscale Data Centers: 

They can manage large-scale data centers that require specialized knowledge and resources.

Why You Need a Third-Party Maintenance Provider


One of the primary reasons to consider a TPM is cost. The average IT worker's salary ranges from $61,000 to $99,000 annually. When multiplied across an entire department, the expenses can be substantial. TPMs provide a more economical solution without compromising quality.

Skill Set

Even with an in-house IT department, there may be gaps in skills that can hinder competitiveness. TPMs have diverse expertise, filling those gaps and ensuring the company stays ahead in the market.

Flexibility and Scalability

Small to medium-sized companies may need help to compete with larger competitors if they handle everything in-house. TPMs offer the flexibility to scale services according to the company's needs, allowing them to adapt to market demands.


In today's economy, quality IT support is vital. Though it may not directly contribute to the bottom line, it can profoundly impact a company's success or failure. Third-Party Maintenance Providers offer a solution that combines cost-effectiveness, expertise, and adaptability, making them an essential consideration for businesses aiming to thrive in the modern technological landscape.

Takeaways from the Article:

Introduction to Third-Party Maintenance Providers:

Third-party maintenance providers offer an alternative to traditional OEM-driven models for IT support and maintenance.

They focus on cost savings, flexibility, and expertise across multiple vendors.

Benefits of Third-Party Maintenance (TPM):

TPMs offer cost savings ranging from 50% to 90% compared to OEM support.

They provide customized solutions tailored to an organization's needs.

TPMs extend the lifespan of IT assets, reducing the need for frequent hardware upgrades.

Comprehensive IT Support:

TPMs offer expertise across various technologies and equipment, supporting multi-vendor environments.

They provide specialized technicians capable of addressing a wide range of IT issues.

Challenges in the OEM Model:

The traditional OEM model can be expensive and lacks flexibility.

OEMs often push for hardware upgrades instead of focusing on maximizing the value of existing assets.

Enhancing IT Strategy:

TPMs allow organizations to align their IT strategy with business goals by offering tailored solutions.

They enable companies to reallocate resources from maintenance to innovation.

Main Point Reminder:

Third-party maintenance providers offer cost-effective, flexible, and comprehensive IT support, enabling organizations to maximize the value of their IT investments and align their strategy with business objectives.


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