Managed Services

Service Desk

Our Omni Channel Approach

Efficient and Accessible IT Support via ITIL Framework.

At Maintech, we take pride in our omni-channel approach to IT service delivery, underpinned by the implementation of the ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) framework. With our seamless support system, clients have the flexibility to open support tickets through various channels, including phone, email, chat, or system and device generated events.

Our 24/7 US-based service desk ensures that assistance is just a call or message away, providing round-the-clock support for your IT needs.

Expert Level 1-3 Support

Swift Ticket Resolution by Skilled Technicians.

When you encounter an IT issue, our dedicated Level 1-3 service desk is equipped with highly skilled technicians to address and resolve a wide range of problems remotely. Our advanced skills-based routing technology ensures that your support ticket is assigned to the most suitable resource, ensuring prompt and effective resolution, all while avoiding the need for hardware or software replacements.

Responsive Field Team Dispatch

In-Person Support for Complex Challenges.

In rare cases where a ticket cannot be resolved remotely, we have you covered. Our efficient field team, stationed at our Cranford headquarters and strategically placed across the country, ensures a next-day dispatch to your site. Whether it's desk-side assistance or support for data center infrastructure, our experienced technicians are ready to provide the hands-on help you need, minimizing any disruptions to your operations.

Nationwide Coverage

Leveraging Regional Offices and Remote Technicians.

Maintech doesn't limit our IT support to a single location. We have strategically established a west coast office and deployed additional technicians throughout the country. Our team of remote and onsite techs enables us to serve clients across the nation effectively, regardless of their geographical location. With Maintech, you can rely on a comprehensive network of IT experts, readily available to address your specific needs.
No Need for Hardware and Software Replacements
Cost-Effective Solutions for Your Business.

Our primary mission is to provide efficient IT support without the unnecessary burden of replacing your current hardware and software. By leveraging our omni-channel approach and skilled technicians, we can often resolve issues without the need for costly hardware upgrades or software changes. This approach not only saves you money but also ensures that your existing systems remain intact and optimized.

Experience Seamless IT Support with Maintech. Whether you face technical challenges at your headquarters, regional offices, or remote locations, we are here to assist.

What is Maintech's ITSM (Service Desk) software platform?

Maintech employs strict adherence to an ITIL framework by leveraging Microsoft System Center Service Manager (ITSM) platform and either a shared or dedicated instance for all of our clients. The Maintech team can also work in the clients ITSM toolset or we can integrate Microsoft system center manager with just about any modern ITSM platform.

Do I get a shared or dedicated team supporting me on this service desk?

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Is your serivce desk 24x7x365?

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Can you provide level 1-3 support on your service desk?

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What do you do to retain your technicians?

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